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Purchase the Official Texas Bluebird Society Nestbox!

Help our native cavity-nesting birds by installing an Official Texas Bluebird Society (TBS) nestbox on your property. This nestbox is designed to meet the demands of the Texas environment and will last for many years!

Approved by the North American Bluebird Society (NABS)

Proven to appeal to Eastern Bluebirds, Carolina Chickadees, Black-crested Titmice, and other small cavity nesters

Made out of durable cedar wood

Features a pivoting side panel for nestbox monitoring & cleaning

The inside front includes kerfs to assist the fledglings reaching the door hole and screws for attaching a Van Ert trap to assist with English Sparrow control.

Approximate size:
Outside dimensions: 16" H x 11" W x 9" D
Inside dimensions: Roof->Floor: 9.5", Inside: 4.5"x4.5", Door hole->Floor: 6.75"

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Purchasing Options

Option # 1

Purchase from your local distributor

$17ea (this includes sales tax)

Contact a distributor to arrange for pick-up or delivery

Option #2

Purchase online (set of 4)

Shipped via carrier

The cost for each set of 4 is $103.25 ($60 nestboxes + 8.25% sale tax + $38.30 S&H) payable via PayPal.
Note: For now, Nestbox Sales are only available for purchases made in Texas.

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Option #3

Purchase a new membership AND 3 nestboxes and get a 4th nestbox FREE*

Get One More Free When You Buy Three
New Members joining online are eligible for a 4th Nestbox FREE with the purchase of 3 Nestboxes.
Total Nestbox cost = $87.01. ($15 ea. = $45, plus 8.25% sales tax, plus $38.30 S&H.)
This total does not include the cost of your membership.
Note: For now, Nestbox Sales are only available for purchases made in Texas.

* includes $38.30 shipping and handling, only applicable to online purchases

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