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Contact your nearest distributor to arrange for pick-up/delivery of nestbox.
The Distributor can only accept check, money order or preprocessed credit card payment ($30 each including sales tax).

To prepay with a credit card, please call our Ombudsman at (281) 744-1228 (8 a.m. - 8 p.m., CST) or ombudsman@texasbluebirdsociety.org.

*Note: Each of the Distributor Maps reflects the city and not the distributor's actual address.
Contact the desired distributor directly for detailed pickup instructions.

There is also an overall static map and interactive map of this list.

Distributor City and Map*

Distributor County Distributor Name Distributor Contact Info
Aubrey, TX    Denton James and Sharon Miggans Phone: (817)602-1135
Email: sharon@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Buda, TX Area    Hays Ron and Pauline Tom Cell Phone: (512) 247-8475
Cell Phone: (512) 517-5678
Email: pauline@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Canton Area    Van Zandt Lisa Mabry Phone:
Email: lisa@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Corpus Christi, TX Area    Nueces Abigail Rosenberg Phone: (520) 591-0103
Email: abigail@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Fischer, TX Area    Comal Jeri Porter Phone: (830) 935-4702
Email: jeri@texasbluebirdsociety.org

Fischer General Store
4040 FM 484, Fischer, TX 78623

Grapeland, TX Area    Houston Jim Renfro Phone: 979-292-6027
Email: jim@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Hunt, TX Area    Kerr Vicki VanPelt Phone: (513) 905-6620

Email: vicki@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Huntsville, TX Area    Walker Phyllis Campbell Cell Phone: (936)581-7663
Email: p13campbell@yahoo.com
Ivanhoe, TX Area    Fannin Harold Latham Phone: (903) 664-2775
Email: harold@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Keller, TX Area    Tarrant Barb Ohlman Phone: (817) 482-1930
Email: barb@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Kountze, TX Area    Hardin Randal (Randy) Beehn Phone: (281) 414-4304
Email: randy@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Liberty, TX Area    Liberty Charles Post Phone: (936) 336-6833
Email: charles@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Prosper, TX Area    Collin Paul Nelson Email: paul@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Medina, TX Area    Bandera Carol Hagemeier Home Phone: N/A
Cell Phone: (830) 285-0035
Email: carol@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Mt Pleasant, TX Area    Titus Keith Kridler Phone: (903) 573-5866
Email: kridler@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Montgomery, TX Area    Montgomery Archie Manning Phone: 713-208-2476
Email: archie@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Montgomery, TX Area    Montgomery Dee Myers Cell Phone: 361-244-6001
Email: dee@texasbluebirdsociety.org
The Woodlands, TX Area    Montgomery Linda Crum Cell-phone: (281) 744-1228
Email: linda@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Timpson, TX Area    Shelby Shannon Ramsey Cell Phone: 936-645-5934
Email: Shannon@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Trinity, TX Area    Trinity Lonnie and Letitia Castleman Cell-phone: (936)439-7114
Email: lonnie@texasbluebirdsociety.org
Tyler, TX Area    Smith Ann Fox Phone: 903-590-0595
Email: ann@texasbluebirdsociety.com
Utopia, TX Area    Uvalde LeAnn Sharp Phone: (830) 966-2320
Email: LeAnn@texasbluebirdsociety.org

Hill Country Nature Center
4.5 miles East of Garner State Park
5181 FM 1050, Rio, Frio

Washington County TX Area    Washington Barbara Boucher Cell-phone: (713) 899-4896
Email: barbara@texasbluebirdsociety.org