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Purchase Apparel from Threads On The Web

Visit www.companycasuals.com/texasbluebird for discounted pricing on TBS logo apparel including imprinted t-shirts and embroidered knits, denims, and caps.

TBS makes no profit on the apparel. But, they're billboards for Texas Bluebird Society and bluebird conservation … across Texas! In other words, we do not sink TBS money into these items but they bring benefit to TBS (thanks to vendors willing to produce one-at-a-time for TBS members)!

To order an item from www.threadsontheweb.com that does not appear in the TBS catalog, email Stacy at quotes@threadsontheweb.com. Include item#, color, and size(if applicable) and specify "Texas Bluebird Society logo." Stacy will email to you an invoice through a secure server that accepts credit cards.