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Report Website Problem

We are sorry you are having trouble. This appears to be a browser issue.

Some browsers, notably Firefox, have trouble printing PDF documents from the browser's display.

The most reliable way around this is to always use the browser menu (top line of browser) File/Print Preview function rather than File/Print or Ctrl-P. If the preview image looks OK, then just Print.

But if it does not look right, then take the following steps. You should have to only do this once per printer, but it never hurts to always use file/Print Preview to make sure the margins and paper orientation are correct.

  1. Click the Browser's File/PrintView menu

  2. If the preview does not look right,
    1. Make sure the page orientation (Landscape or Portrait) is selecrted
    2. Make sure the Scale is set to Shrink to Fit

  3. When the preview looks OK, press the Print button (it may be an icon that looks like a little printer)

If the problem still occurs, try one of the following