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Throughout this site, we use the term TBS-Friendly Lumber to refer to woods that have the characteristics TBS requires for its nestboxes:

  • For the safety of the birds, it
    • Must Not be one of the heavily resinous woods (like yellow pine or Bois D'arc)
    • Must Not be infused with any kind of chemicals to prevent rot (e.x. Wolmanized® wood)
  • For the sake of the builders and owners, it should be
    • Easy for builders to work with
    • Durable in the harsh Texas environment
    • Cost effective and generally available

In the past, TBS has used white pine, and cedar, neither of which is heavily resinous material and both of which have been readily available. However, with the construction boom, both woods are becoming more difficult to obtain and we are turning to other woods, such as cypress. Be assured that any wood that Texas Bluebird Society uses for its official nestboxes meets all of the above requirements and is totally safe and effective to raise Eastern Bluebirds.