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Texas Bluebird Society
(Tab Last Updated: April 1, 2021)

Texas Bluebird Society is an all-volunteer grassroots organization helping bluebirds and other native cavity-nesting birds through increasing nesting sites while sustaining and increasing their food supply. (Insects and Native Plant Berries) (PDF)

Texas Bluebird Society Newsletter - Volume 23, Issue 1 - Spring - 2024
(Tab Last Updated: April 17, 2024)

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We promote bluebirds by serving as knowledgeable presenters and by organizing bluebird booths at various events across the state throughout the year. Check the Events tab for a list of our past and future activities at venues throughout the state.

At the heart of TBS efforts is the construction, distribution, and sale of a "well-suited for Texas" bluebird nestbox* known as the "Texas Nestbox." In the 21 years since TBS's beginning in 2002, we have built and sold an average of 1000 nestboxes per year, making the total well over 20,000. This is quite an accomplishment. Think of the difference TBS is making in preserving, studying, and promoting these beautiful birds.

Come, learn and work and enjoy with us. Join us in our efforts to promote "Bluebirds across Texas . . . one nestbox at a time!".

* Note: A "nestbox" may be called "birdhouse" or "nesting box."

Upcoming Events See details of each upcoming and past event
(Tab Last Updated: July 14, 2024)

Feathered Friends, Series 1, Part 3 of 4 Saturday, July 20 2024 (10:00am - 1:30pm) - Huntsville, TX

Combat Texas Challenges
(Tab Last Updated: April 1, 2021)

Snakes, English sparrows, 4-legged Critters?

Check out our Nestbox Recommendations for information on the Universal Sparrow Trap and Kingston Stove Pipe Baffle. Our ingenious and resourceful members have devised many ways to thwart predators including adding a "tutu-like" skirt to entangle snakes. Click on the "Nestbox Recommendations" tab on the Resources page. We provide a link you can use to order the trap directly and a link to building plans for the baffle. The "Texas nestbox" we sell is customized for the Universal Sparrow Trap (with screws under the hole).


Texas Bluebird Society recommends the addition of white or light-colored paint to weathered nestboxes, unless they are shaded from late afternoon sun. 2011 heat studies conclusively revealed that as a nestbox darkens with age, the interior temperatures jump dramatically.

A set of HeatShields is another effective way to protect your nestbox from the Texas heat. Discarded political signs with a white back side can be recycled as HeatShields. With a pen knife, trim rectangles identical in size to the top, sides, and back of the weathered nestbox. Affix to nestbox with screws using tubing to create one-half inch (approximately) of air space.

You can see plans for the HeatShield under the "Nestbox Recommendations" tab on the Resources page.

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Mission Statement

To spread "Bluebirds (and other native cavity-nesting birds) Across Texas ... one nestbox at a time" - through education; and, the installation of "NestWatch'd" nestboxes in appropriate habitat; and, sustaining and increasing their natural food supply (insects and berries of native plants) - while enjoying the process and the bluebirds.

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